weekdays 8am - 3pm weekends 8am - 5pm

croissant 3.50
almond croissant 4.25
pain au chocolat 3.95
ham & gruyére croissant 4.95
walnut bundle 4.25
cream cheese danish with berries 3.95
monkey bread 2.95
blueberry muffin 3.75
bran muffin 3.25
scones 3.25
pistachio-apricot, strawberry-oat, maple-brown sugar

breakfast sandwiches
add fried potatoes + 2.95
broccoli, cheddar and egg whites on wheat 10.95
turkey, jack and fried eggs on ciabatta 10.95
sopresatta, scrambled eggs and fontina on sourdough 10.95

farmers’ market fruit 5.95
farmers’ market berries 5.95
fried potato 4.50
vande rose bacon or ham 4.95
house-made chicken sausage 6.95

scottish oatmeal with dried fruit compote and steamed milk 8.95
add berries +3.95

house-made granola with yogurt or milk—cow, almond or soy 8.95
add berries +3.95

smoked fish plate with toasted rye and redwood hill goat cheese 14.95

challah french toast with vermont maple syrup 10.95
add berries +3.95 add bacon or ham +2.95

lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote  13.95

soft scrambled eggs with fontina, soft herbs and creme fraîche 10.95
add bacon or ham +2.95

breakfast toast
avocado, green harissa, prosciutto, poached eggs, jacobsen smoked salt 10.95

chorizo and eggs with sofrito, queso iberico and fried potatoes 14.95

green chile chilaquiles 12.95
with tomatillos, cilantro, jalapeno chorizo, sunny-side eggs

tavern benedict with gruyére and hollandaise and choice of prosciutto or smoked salmon 15.95

brisket hash with sunny-side eggs and horseradish cream 15.95

two eggs any style with toast and fried potatoes or tomato 8.95
add bacon or ham +2.95

*A 3% charge is added to all checks to cover the cost of full health care benefits for our employees. Thank you for supporting a healthier & happier staff.
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